Anxiety Management - Consultation and Training Programs To Manage Anxiety
Our team of experienced mental health providers are positioned to offer employers and educators individualized solutions to reduce anxiety and increase productivity through assessment, consultation & informational and managerial workshops. 
Anxiety in the United States has reached epidemic proportions, currently affecting 18.1% of all Americans (American Psychiatric Assn.) or about one out of five persons.  Anxiety disorders cost business approximately $60 billion dollars annually.  During times of econmic turmoil, anxiety naturally goes up.  Its impact on individual employees & students, and their families is also growing--at a time when resourcefulness and creativity is needed most.  Rather than being able to make a creative contribution at work or at school, many individuals feel trapped by fear leading to anxiety and its frequent 'sidekicks' of depression and chemical abuse.
We have extensive experience providing individual and group therapy to persons suffering from anxiety disorders.  Many persons with anxiety disorders do not know what their strange symptoms mean; they feel all alone and attempt to cover their disorder, often through alcohol abuse and isolation, increasing absenteeism, teamwork and ability to produce effectively. 
We offer:
  • Individual consultation to assess the unique needs of your organization and to develop an 'Action Plan'
  • Informational seminars to employees and students on anxiety; its symptoms, effects and practical steps to manage it
  • Managerial/faculty training workshops based on a positive, team-centered approach to decrease anxiety and increase creativity
    throughout the organization
  • Confidential assistance for employees/students with anxiety disorders
  • Ongoing individual and management support
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